J           A         M       E      S        E    V    E      R       E         T           T

R  E  C  O  R  D  I  N  G  -  P  R  O  D  U  C  I  N  G  -  M  I  X  I  N  G  -  M  A  S  T  E  R  I  N  G

Recording -

Solo artists - Acoustic players or singers with backing tracks

Voice over artists for games, radio, tv

Mobile and on-location recording (Northern Ireland) if you need James to come to you.

Producing -

Over 12 years professional production experience in various genres (Dance, commercial pop, Rock, soundtrack) should you need assistance in completing your song or track. 

Mixing -

If you feel your tracks or songs would benefit from the touch of someone else, then James offers mixing services with mastering if required.

An example of his pre/post mixing/mastering can be heard on the track below. 

The original mix: 

Ryan Simpson - Stay Stay (original mixdown).mp3

Below is James mix after receiving the stems. He also did some instrumental production on the final track. The piano was re-played and he also arranged and re-recorded the strings.  

Ryan Simpson - Stay Stay (James Everett Mixdown).mp3

James also offers other media services. These include:

Media transfer:  Tape to WAV, MP3, CD, DAT or Mini disk and visa versa. Also Vinyl to WAV, MP3, Tape, CD, DAT or Mini disk.

Sound Restoration: If you have personal recordings on tape, you may have noticed that they have lost a lot of their clarity over the years. If you are looking for them to be transferred to another media, then they may benefit from restoration. The results vary from tape to tape, so a sample of the restoration will be sent to you before any payment is requested.   

Karaoke Backing track: Record yourself to any Karaoke backing track. This is a popular, fun gift for friends and family at weddings, engagements and birthdays. Optional extras include printed sleeve in cd case.